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Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning: Freestanding homes, duplexes, townhouses, two-storey walkups, apartments in high-rise buildings, luxury multilevel residences.

Commercial Window Cleaning: Retail shopfronts need to be kept gleaming. Hotels need attention around entries, foyer areas, restaurants and guest rooms. Owners Corporation - we manage buildings in Melbourne. Real estate companies often use our services prior to putting up property on the market and also before new tenants move into a property.

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House Washing

Give your property a facelift!

We all feel the effects of wear and tear over time. Glasshouse provides exceptional services that give your property a “facelift” without the expense of repainting or renovating. Your exterior surfaces will sparkle and come to life after our cleaning solution achieves a deep pore clean, which exposes the true paint colour up to three shades brighter.


Gutter Cleaning

Clogged and overflowing gutters and rain down pipes? Rainwater backing up into the roof line of your structure? Wood rot? Water Stains? Then get that debris off your roof and out of your gutters NOW! Our cleaning process allows us to clean gutters quickly and efficiently while at the same time leaving no mess behind. We leave no mud on the outside of the gutters, or anywhere else.


Solar Panel Cleaning

We add a highly concentrated and very effective liquid additive to water that offers superior results and increases solar panel output and life span. Will not harm glass panels, plastics, or metals. Balanced pH. Kind to hands. Environmentally friendly super-concentrate. Superb results for all glazed panels and solar cells. Restores photovoltaic efficiency. Earth Friendly product. No phosphates, ammonia or hazardous ingredients. Softens water to reduce dirt redeposition.

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    "Thank you for a thorough service. Lain doesnt miss a beat - you can count on him to get the job done right!"

    Mary // Shop Owner - Canterbury

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    "Your window cleaning work is fantastic!Very easy to deal with. Thank-you Lain my windows are always sparkling!"

    Frank // Richmond

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    "Exceptional friendly service, we have been using Lain for the past ten years and will continue for years to come."

    Lusie Geller // Hawthorn